Enterprise Agile Transformation

With 20 years of experience working in the region with leading organisations in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Kuwait, our certified enterprise Agile consultants offer tailored onsite or remote coaching & training services to help businesses deliver value faster.

Our Services

At Agility Arabia, we offer a range of services designed to support individuals, teams and organisations along their Agile transformation journey.

Coaching & Consulting

Embarking on an Agile journey or navigating a Scrum environment can present unique challenges.

That's where Agility Arabia, with our team of Scrum.org certified Professional Scrum Trainers (PST), steps in. Our personalised coaching and consulting services are designed to:

  • Help organisations align their strategy with Agile coaching, enhancing overall effectiveness and ability to achieve KPIs.
  • Provide solutions to frequent project and team failures or delays through effective Scrum implementation.
  • Help teams apply the Scrum framework to their specific organisational needs
  • Provide guidance to individuals experiencing resistance within their organisations during Agile transformation.
  • Mentor and guide newly promoted leaders within Agile environments.
  • Provide expert advice to Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Developers facing challenges in their roles.
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With its team of Professional Scrum Trainers (PST) - the highest level of Agile certification provided by Scrum.org - Agility Arabia offers comprehensive Agile training programs designed to:

  • Equip those new to Scrum roles with foundational knowledge.
  • Update and refresh outdated Scrum knowledge.
  • Boost success rates for Scrum certification exams.
  • Provide the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively lead a Scrum team.
  • Improve team productivity through better Scrum practices.
  • Assist in career transitions into Scrum roles.
  • Aid teams experiencing conflicts or misunderstandings within their Scrum journey.
  • Enhance employability with globally recognised Scrum certifications.
  • Aid the transition from traditional frameworks to Agile.
Official Scrum.org Professional Training Network member logo

Official Scrum.org Professional Training Network Member

Agility Arabia is proud to have been the first organisation in the UAE to become an official member of Scrum.org's global Professional Training Network (PTN).

Acceptance into Scrum.org's PTN is reserved only for organisations that offer the highest quality Scrum training and coaching.

Our Expertise

We are Agility Arabia, a team of Professional Scrum Trainers with two decades of experience in the Middle East market. Our team members have worked with top-tier regional organisations including Emirates Airlines, Ooredoo and Riyad Bank, as well as globally recognised brands such as Sony and Orange, addressing unique Agile challenges and driving success in technical and operational projects.

Our experience is across multiple sectors including fintech, travel, technology (including emerging blockchain/web3 and AI industries), government and healthcare.

The corporate logo of Emirates Airline - an airline and tourism company based in Dubai, UAE
Emirates Airline

We worked onsite with Emirates Airlines helping to implement Agile ways of working across their product management and engineering teams. Our work supported Emirates with their consumer-facing apps and websites, plus their award winning Skywards frequent flyer programme.

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The corporate logo of Sony - a technology company based in Tokyo, Japan

Members of our team introduced Scrum into a consumer application engineering team at Sony in the USA over 15 years ago. The team went from an environment with constant scope creep, missed deadlines and low team morale to a more efficient, value-driven and collaborative function.

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The corporate log of Riyad Bank - a leading banking organisation in Saudi Araba
Riyad Bank

At Riyad Bank, we helped to transform a digital product development and engineering team that was tasked with building the bank's consumer-facing Digital Wallet App. This app successfully launched as one of the first to market in the region and went from concept to go-live in less than 6 months

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The corporate logo of MTN - a leading telecoms company across Africa and the Middle East

Our coaches were embedded onsite with MTN in Dubai to support their Group Procurement function with a full Agile transformation. Within 6 months, the function had multiple teams delivering business critical projects faster, more efficiently and with higher cross-company collaboration and visibility.

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The digital entertainment products & services team was responsible for designing, engineering and launching a range of consumer-facing apps. This process was transformed from a traditional Waterfall approach to Agile, resulting in faster response times and much closer collaboration between business functions.

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Meet our Founders

Our founders are the backbone of Agility Arabia. They are Scrum.org certified experts who have shaped us into a reliable partner for Agile mastery in the Middle East. Their extensive experience and commitment have built trust among our clientele, and they are ready to do the same for you.

Nick Hudson, one of the founders of Agility Arabia. He is smiling, and is dressed in a blue shirt

Nick Hudson

Nick is passionate about helping Organisations perform to their maximum potential by building environments where the teams believe in why they do what they do. He believes in encouraging safe, open environments with high levels of trust and respect between teams and their organisation that can facilitate agile principals and provide focus to achieve their goals.

He has experience helping building teams to deliver Digital Products to Government, Banking, Telecoms, Airlines, Retail and Insurance Organisations. Skilled in coaching organisations from C-Level through to individual team members.

In addition to 10 years experience working in Middle East, he has experience working with United Kingdom, USA, Australia, Vietnam and Singapore working with local and remote/distributed teams.

Steve Burrows, one of the two founders of Agility Arabia. He is smiling, and is dressed in a grey jacket over a black shirt

Steve Burrows

Steve has worked internationally in the digital products & services space for over 15 years, and in the technology space for over 20. He has worked with huge, globally recognised companies (including Big 5 consulting firms and market leaders in the telecoms space) as well as small, emerging technology start-ups in the web3 sector (covering blockchain and NFT technologies).

He has been based in the UAE for over 10 years where he has been running consultancy businesses and advising start-ups on how to deliver projects efficiently and effectively using Agile Frameworks.

Passionate about product development and delivery, Steve has helped bring countless applications, websites and digital services to market, always with a focus on user needs and Agile delivery.

Ready to Elevate Your Agile Journey?

Are you set to unlock the full potential of Agile? Whether you're an individual aiming for career growth or an organisation looking to navigate Agile transformation, we're here to help. Get in touch with Agility Arabia and take the first step towards Agile mastery.

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